Water Reuse

Water Reuse

Water is life’s matter and matrix mother and medium. There is no life without water — Albert Szent-Gyorgyi (1893-1986)

With urbanization and industrialization expanding as global population growth has surpassed 7 billion,we must find the water that is necessary to support this increasing demand. Exploring ways to reuse more of the 180 billion gallons of wastewater that is created globally, is a critical path to meeting the rising demand for clean water.

In comparison to traditional water sources, reuse systems are often scrutinized more carefully by regulatory agencies. Direct and indirect water reuse systems typically require a multi-barrier treatment train that incorporate multiple processes such as mechanical filtration, membrane filtration, clarification, biological treatment, UV, etc.

The Role of Ozone in Water Reuse

Upstream of a water reuse tertiary filtration process, ozone will oxidize heavy metals, introduce oxygen to enhance biological filtration, and degrade compounds to biodegradable state.

Downstream of a Tertiary filtration process, disinfection via ozone / advanced can be effective in reducing microbial pathogens, parasites, organic matter and constituents of emerging concerns.

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