Cooling Towers

Cooling Tower Treatment

Pureflow Ozone Division understands the complexity of cooling tower water treatment.  We design and supply complete packaged systems that include particle filtration, ozone disinfection, instrumentation and controls

Particle Filtration

In order to remove the “petri dish” environment that exists in cooling tower water, it’s required to eliminate the habitat and food source which controls bacterial growth.  By eliminating organic and inorganic particulate in a cooling tower basin,  the primary environment for bacteria is removed, and the costly requirement for manual cleaning of the basins is not required.  Keeping cooling tower basins clean improves heat transfer and reduces the chemical treatment required for the prevention of corrosion, deposition and microbial growth.

Pureflow Ozone Division partners exclusively with VAF Filtration Systems to offer automatic self-cleaning screen filter systems for cooling tower applications

Ozone Treatment

Ozone is a popular treatment option for cooling tower applications as it is a powerful oxidizer and environmentally safe biocide that destroys organics and pathogens.

Benefits of  ozone treatment in cooling tower applications include the following:

  1. Reduces or eliminates the use   of      chemicals
  2. Destroys a broad range of micro organisms
  3. Oxidizes organic matter
  4. Destroys biomass glue bonding agent, thereby removing calcium carbonate scale
  5. Saves energy cost by increasing heat transfer
  6. Reduces condenser fouling
  7. Improved water quality allows more cycles between blow-downs.

Pureflow Ozone division combines both mechanical filtration of cooling tower sumps, and the disinfection power of ozone, to supply a single-source solution for cooling tower water treatment .


Legionella is a bacterial that causes the respiratory disease legionellosis.  Virtually all cooling towers contain trace amounts of the legionella bacteria.  Legionellosis or “legionaries disease,” can cause serious illness or death when inhaled.  Pureflow’s packaged cooling tower systems eliminate the habitat in which legionella bacteria thrives, and provides the disinfection power of ozone required to destroy a broad spectrum of harmful bacterial, pathogens and viruses that exist in cooling tower systems.

Founded in 1973, Pureflow is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) that specializes in the design and manufacture of custom engineered processes and systems for the water and waste water industry.