Ozone Generators
The patented, cutting-edge technology behind the Primozone ozone generator is setting the standard for a new generation of ozone generators...
Backflow Protection
Accidental backflow of water that enters an ozone generator may cause major damage to the ozone reactors and power supplies and consequently result in down-time and major costs...
Ozone Destruct Units
The DM-series has a built-in fan and is the recommended choice when using larger, non-pressurized reaction tanks or basins. The speed of the fan is based on...
Oxygen Generation
Airsep(Chart) PSA Control System. AirSep generators produce from 8 to 5,500 cubic feet of oxygen per hour at up to 95% oxygen concentration
Master Control Panels
The Primozone® system controller is a sophisticated control unit that allows for safety, monitoring and control
Mass Transfer Systems
Ozone dissolution systems, The Primozone difference is based on the technology’s ability to effectively channel high concentration ozone, with no losses to the dissolution point.


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