Groundwater Remedition

Groundwater & Soil Remediation

Groundwater is one of the most important and delicate sources of water for potable and irrigation use.  Groundwater contamination occurs when man-made pollutants such as oils, nitrates, metals and VOC’s are released and percolate to the water table.  Ozone / advanced oxidation is widely used for groundwater remediation due to it’s powerful oxidation ability of complex polluntant compounds.

In Situ Ozone Treatment

Ozone is a short-lived oxidant and requires an aggressive delivery scheme.  Ozone can be delivered  into the vadose zone or sprarged directly into groundwater.  Ozone is effective in oxidizing organic contaminants including complex compounds; and because ozone degrades to oxygen, it will support aerobic biodegradation.

Pump & Treat Method

Pump and treat method:  Well pumps can be utilized to transport contaminated groundwater above the surface for treatment.  Onsite ozone generation eliminates the need for the transport, handling, and storage of chemicals while offering superior oxidation performance

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