The use of water in mining activities has the potential to negatively effect the quality of surrounding surface water and groundwater.  Due to environmental concerns and government regulations, the mining industry increasingly monitors water discharge from excavation site, and required to treat contaminated water to comply with local regulations.

Oxidation of Heavy Metals

Mining runoff water are known to contain various metal compounds including iron, manganese, zinc, copper, lead, arsenic and chromium.  Ozone / AOP is the strongest method commercially available for disolved metals oxidation.

Acid Mine Water Remediation

Mine drainage water that originate from collieries are highly acid.  Mine drainages from mines are often characterized by high levels of dissolved iron an dmanganese at low pH levels.  This type of contamination is a result of bacterial oxidation of iron sulfides in the mines by oxygen in the mine water.  Acid is produced by the oxidation of sulfides to sulfates.

Ozone serves as effective treatment method to increase pH by precipitating out iron and manganese.

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