Wellington Water Treatment Plant Expansion

Larimer County, CO | 2023 | 144 PPD | Municipal

This project is due for commissioning in early 2024. The ozone system will be fully redundant and include a side-stream injection system and a pipeline flash reactor with controls that will stage ozone production and water flow for maximum mass transfer efficiency.

Herington Water Treatment Plant

Morris County, KS | 2022 | 114 PPD | Municipal

The Herington installation include fully redundant ozone generating equipment with a custom stainless steel degas vessel. The side-stream injected ozone system includes an underground concrete serpentine contactor and integrates directly to the downstream packaged gravity filter for one-touch start and stop of the entire water treatment system.

Portage La Prairie Water Treatment Plant

Manitoba, CAN | 2021 | 450 PPD | Municipal

Portage La Prairie’s ozone system include an on-site oxygen generated ozone system that runs 24-hours per day. The ozone system treats the local surface water supply by introducing ozone into a twin-contact basin through a ceramic diffuser network. Pureflow included custom controls to help the ozone system outlast intermittent power loss and a shutdown routine to purge the basin of ozone gas for maintenance.

Clarksville Water Treatment Plant

Johnson County, AR | 2021 | 600 PPD | Municipal

This Johnson County ozone system is fed by liquid oxygen and programmed to readily start and stop numerous times per day to satisfy the distribution system demands. While this is a atypical for municipal ozone generation systems, the versatility of Primozone’s Ozone Generators allow Pureflow to employ custom controls to meet the customers’ requirements.

San Luis Obispo Water Treatment Plant

San Luis Obispo County, CA | 2021 | 900 PPD | Municipal

The San Luis Obispo installation includes fully redundant ozone equipment that is fed by liquid oxygen. Pureflow worked closely with the plant to reimagine their start-up sequence to eliminate their filter-to-waste routine and is now saving the County hundreds of acre feet of water per year. Additionally, the ancillary equipment is programmable to help the operators optimize their water treatment process in a variety of ways.

Twin Creeks Water Treatment Plant

Wasatch County, UT | 2019 | 114 PPD | Municipal

Pureflow supplied a fully redundant on-site oxygen generated ozone system. The unique, high operating pressure (40 PSIG) of the Primozone Ozone Generators is used to feed ozone by direct injection into a Pureflow supplied custom serpentine contactor to treat two surface water sources ahead of a gravity filter. The serpentine contactor was also equipped with additional injection and sample ports for future collection of disinfection credits.

Tacoma Power

Lewis County, WA | 2020 | 450 PPD | Aqua-Culture

This ozone system is used to treat the Cowlitz River water for seasonal fish parasites upstream of the riverside hatchery. Operational for roughly nine months per year, this semi-autonomous ozone system treats a side-stream of river water during warm months of the year to neutralize protozoa that attack the juvenile trout.

Mount Clemens Water Treatment Plant

Macomb County, MI | 2020 | 150 PPD | Municipal

The Mount Clemens plant includes a skid-mounted ozone system to treat surface water from Lake St. Clair. The ozone system is equipped with an Ozone Distribution subsystem that is used to deliver precise volumes of ozone gas to each chamber in the ozone contactor.

Plum Creek Water Purification Facility

Douglas County, CO | 2021 | 450 PPD | Municipal

Plum Creek utilizes this fully redundant ozone system to apply Advanced Treatment process technology required to focus on contaminants of emerging concern and to address new standards for reuse systems in Colorado and the nation at large. This highly efficient ozone system is fed at the front of the plant inlet for oxidation and near the end of the process as a polishing step before activated carbon. Pureflow designed and manufactured the stainless steel serpentine ozone contactor.

Gates Canyon Park

Los Angeles County, CA | 2023 | 57 PPD | Municipal

This park irrigation system is fully autonomous, treating a one-million gallon cistern of stormwater storage for reuse in accordance with Title 22, California Code of Regulations. The ozone system includes an in-line static mixer, followed by a contactor, screen filtration and ultraviolet units for disinfection and ozone quench.

Mifflin County Water Treatment Plant

Mifflin County, PA | 2019 | 300 PPD | Municipal

Mifflin County treats local surface water with an on-site oxygen generated ozone system. The two-stage mass transfer equipment includes a redundant side-stream [venturi] injection skid followed by a wafer-style static mixer to reintroduce the ozonated water to the influent flow ahead of the contactor.

Worcester Water Treatment Plant

Worcester County, MA | 2019 | 1200 PPD | Municipal

Worcester WTP processes 25 million gallons per day (average) with an ozone system fed by liquid oxygen. This ozone system includes fully redundant ozone generating equipment and leverages a dilution air system to help offset oxygen consumption.


Los Angeles County, CA | 2018 | 300 PPD | Private

This installation includes two independent, point-of-use irrigation systems that are fed by a combination ozone generation and pressure filtration system to remove naturally occuring sulfur and other heavy metals from private ground water wells.

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