Mobile Pilot Laboratory

Field pilot filter testing is necessary to verify the treatability of raw water, to predict the performance of a full scale water treatment plant and to optimize its efficiency. Raw water quality can vary significantly, and since such variability will affect contaminant removal efficiency, field pilot testing of the proposed treatment system is strongly recommended.

  • Fully automated PLC based control panel
  • Promozone ozone generator and related ancillery equipment
  • Four (4), six (6) inch I.D. filter columns
  • Electrically actuated valves
  • Four (4) chemical feed systems
  • In-line static mixers
  • Backwash water supply storage tank
  • Backwash water reclaim storage tank
  • Ample counter space for performing tests
  • Flow control valves for each filter column
  • Flowmeters for each filter column
  • On-line water quality monitors available: pH, turbidity, ORP, and chlorine
  • Laboratory analytical instruments
  • Fully automated for 24 hrs. / day operation
  • Simultaneous testing of up to four (4) media
  • Air conditioned (20′ x 8′ x 8′)

Pureflow Ozone Division has designed and outfitted a 20′ x 8′ x 8′ mobile pilot filter laboratory to provide our clients and consulting engineers with an automated pilot filter / water treatment system that can test multiple treatment schemes simultaneously. Along with protection from the elements, the system will provide the treatment and water quality monitoring equipment necessary for the professional and reliable acquisition of raw and filtered water quality data.

The Pureflow Ozone Division Mobile Pilot Filter Laboratory contains a Pimozone model GM2 ozone generator and related ancilary equipment, capable of produceing 6 pounds per day of ozone at up to 20% concentration by weight. In addition, the laboratory includesfour (4), six (6) inch I.D. by six (6) feet high pilot filter columns. Each column has five (5) electrically actuated valves that are controlled by a PLC based control panel, allowing the filters to operate 24 hrs. / day.

Functions also include automated backwashing and chemical pretreatment. The four (4) pilot filters can be loaded with identical media, with different pretreatment schemes, or they can be loaded with different media with different pretreatment schemes. On-line instrumentation including pH, ORP, turbidity and chlorine analyzers can be provided as required. Four (4) chemical storage tanks are installed (for oxidant, acid, caustic or coagulant feed) with multiple chemical metering pumps to provide required pretreatment.

Each system also includes in-line static mixers and pre – / post – filter sample taps. Centrifugal pumps, water tanks for backwash supply and backwash water reclaim, are also included. The Mobile Pilot Filter Laboratory also includes the bench top instruments necessary for testing raw and filtered water quality.

The Pureflow Ozone Division Mobile Pilot Filter Laboratory is delivered and set up at a job site by Pureflow field personnel. Pilot testing can then be performed by Pureflow Ozone Division field personnel, an independent consulting engineer, and / or the clients’ personnel.

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